Hi folks. A very quick update as i realise I have not posted a blog entry recently. I’ve been slowing things down a bit as i hit a huge emotional wall over the last two weeks. Everything was coming to a head and got quite overwhelming.

This week, things are improving. I’ve been getting back into the studio to tackle the flooring. With very little time to do it himself and my eagerness to get the job done, I managed to convince A to give me a tutorial on laying laminate. I’d already watched him do a great job in the apartment and felt confident about tackling a very straight forward rectangular space of 2.5 x 5.5 meters.

Having gotten over my fear of the jigsaw when making a new seat for the swing, I embraced the challenge and after 2 days of slow and careful working to lay the laminate and move all the boxes and equipment (with lots of breaks as I’m still not 100%), I have nearly completed the job – my very first laminate flooring project done all by myself! (except the first three rows 😉 ) I’m so relieved we had enough underlay sheeting and boards.

I am also grateful that the jigsaw blade did not break (I had an experience years ago with a jig saw and broken blades, hence my anxiety about using one again) and all my fingers are still intact. I plan to fully finish the floor by the weekend and then can start unpacking all my art and sewing materials. I am so, so, SO excited about this! Once I have a clearer idea of the space, I may even set up my loom by the end of the year 😀

2 responses to “Floored!”

    • Thank you. Yes, its a great feeling to step out of one’s comfort zone to try something new; overcome initial doubts and trepidations and realise its not really so bad after all 🙂


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