Returning to portraits.. and selfies!

After about 7 weeks without drawing portraits and as long without updating this blog, I dove in again this week. I am aiming now for short blog entries along with evidence of my work-in-progress. This week I sat down to begin drawing in my sketchbook when i got a FaceTime call from my sister. I didn’t want to ignore the call, so found myself yet again, NOT prioritising my art 😦

Then I saw an opportunity in that I could sketch myself while we spoke (I can keep myself still more than person  I’m chatting to online!). Using the camera like a mirror, I proceeded to make a sketch of myself.

Because the sketchbook was at an angle on my lap, the head and shoulders were out of proportion, so i spent some time this morning modifying it by taking a still shot of myself (selfie) to help gauge where the changes needed to be made. Where will I be without technology, eh?

However I am not alone in using technology to make portraits, so i will no longer be feeling guilty about it. Famous old dead painters like Caravaggio and Vermeer used techniques like camera obscura. I will confidently continue with playing around with digital cameras and your selfies! Beware, I could be prowling around YOUR online photo album for my next piece 😉

This sketch looks flat due to very little shading. Pencil on A4 cartridge paper.
My friend AliMay took some gorgeous selfies and I just could not resist this one! Here, I’ve done a preliminary sketch, preparing to make a much larger painting. Pencil on A4 cartage paper.
My easel was delivered today. Me-so-happyyyyyyyy 🙂

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