Creative Mornings….



After reading: This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week shared by a good friend of mine and life coach Gentle Warrior, I decided to give this new type of working schedule a try.

I already am a morning person! I have always woken up with the dawn chorus since I was a child, no matter my working schedule, or how late I went to bed the night before.
So, on reading this article i thought ‘Why not put that early morning energy to productive use for the thing that matters to me the most?’ I do have a set of morning activities that I have been struggling to turn into a consistent routine: drink 1 litre of hot lemon water, Buddhist chanting, EFT tapping, exercise. On days I don’t have to get anywhere, getting through this list can take ages as i am easily distracted, then other immediate tasks take over and before i realise it the days gone and i’ve done no art at all. Since moving to my new home, I’ve not done any art work apart from a few sketches in my notebook.
The idea of getting up and throwing myself into 3 hours of the most important thing to me – my art making – was a novel and exciting idea! Why not? So, I dived into it head first!

I’ve decided to stick to this for 2 weeks and share my experience in a short blog each day. My aim is to do 2-3 hours non-stop creative work on days I’m working from home, and at least 1-1.5hrs on days i have to work out the house.

I decided to try out this way of working for 10 days in total: 5 days a week for 2 weeks.

I will post a short blog for each day. I’d love your feedback or response to the article. Maybe you want to join me? 🙂




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