Creative Mornings Day 1

Morning 1, Monday 29th

Despite not going to bed until 3am the first night (stuck in a ‘frozen’ mode in front of laptop after a busy week of visitors), I awoke at 8am, remembering snippets from the article Im following This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week, I threw together the fullest amount of vegan protein into a shake (I managed 27g of protein using a mix of 100g tofu, 2 tbsp of 100% peanut butter, 3 tblsps chia seeds, 1 ripe banana, 2 handfuls of strawberries and some water), found a 9min song, Albinoni’s ‘Adagio in G minor for strings and organ’ to play on repeat and dived into 2.5 hours of art making. It was a bit of a struggle to drink up all the protein shake as i don’t usually eat much in the mornings. I wasn’t sure I needed the protein hit as my body is used to not breaking fast until 11/12 noon. I was also a bit concerned about whether such a rich mix of protein may trigger IBS symptoms. I decided to give it a try in the name of science. Nothing ventured…

By 10.30am when i stopped, I felt such a big sense of achievement! I wasn’t that happy with the watercolour painting I made but by completing it, I knew how to proceed and change the composition and find an online tutorial for watercolour wash techniques when painting human figure. The pencil sketch portrait I began was a pleasurable challenge. I decided when I re-do that, I will use a scaling grid to improve proportions. Playing the music on repeat was quite nice. Not sure what my neighbours thought of it! Maybe put in headphones tomorrow.

The rest of the day went smoothly. I felt more focused on getting through my morning routine. I usually f=drag my feet! I still managed to make an important phonecall, check for any urgent emails before getting to bus stop in time to travel to my first appointment. Plenty of time on the bus journey for my social media catch-up and going through emails! The joy of knowing i actually DID something creative, I worked at the most important thing to me and devoted precious time to it – that stayed with me for the rest of the day 😀



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