Creative Mornings Day 2

Morning 2, Tuesday 30th:

Using my lap top as a light box 

I went to bed at 10.40pm on Monday night and set my alarm for 5.30, intending to get 60min of art time before preparing for the day and leaving to get 7.30am train.

I awoke at 3.30am needing to pee. When i reached out to put on the light, I spilled my 1 litre water bottle which soaked my sheets and mattress! After mopping that up and getting very annoyed with myself (awoke the gremlins that started telling me how useless I am blah, blah, blah) my brain went into hyper anxiety and blew up festering concerns into major panic. There were emails which i needed to check I actually sent, in order to quieten my mind. I ended up spending the next hour online at my emails and the dreaded Facebook. It doesn’t take me long to get hooked. I watched a video about how trees talk to each other and 15mins of Beyonce in concert – she’s not an artist I even like! (Too commercial for me). Not a good start I thought, already failing miserably and its only day 2!

I prized myself offline at 5am to work on an image I wanted to enlarge and develop further. It took me 20mins of searching around my apartment to find the drawing which i then scanned and traced, using my iMac as a light box (something i saw another artist do in instagram). I then researched on google some images to help me improve proportions of the figures. 1 hours art work in total – goal reached! I had no appetite for a protein shake and the idea of forcing blended tofu, chia seeds and banana into my system did not appeal to me. No music on repeat this morning as i was afraid if I started searching about in iTunes library i would get distracted yet again and lose precious time! I then began writing this blog, which then left me just 30mins to shower, make up my lunch and leave out to get the train!
(I noticed that the article whose instructions I’m following – This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week – has links to music on youtube. I may try one of those next time)

I made it to station in good time, 5 mins earlier than planned. Even though it was a shitty start to the morning – losing 2 hours sleep, spilling water over my bed, browsing online – I still felt so happy I got some art work done and despite the bad start! It put an extra spring in my step that I reached my goal, turning around a poor start. I felt that I had a sense of purpose about myself because of what i did for MY creativity and it had nothing to do with my role as an employee. I have prioritised that over my creativity for too many decades.

Its 22:45 now, nearly bedtime and I’m still not sure what i’ll do with my art time tomorrow morning. Something will come to me when i awake, I bet 🙂


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