Creative Mornings Day 4

imageThursday 1st September

Another early morning that I wake at 3.30am! Likely tension related to new job as its only happening when I have to go there. Perhaps a coincidence. Despite my mind racing I managed a short snooze before beginning an hour of creativity. Armed with 1 litre of hot water and lemon to sip, I sat to work. It was deathly silent at this early hour so I put on a couple of tracks from Signs an album by Badmarsh and Shri. I hoped to begin a portrait but couldn’t decide on which medium or paper to use. After adding a scaling grid to the photo, I turned to a watercolour postcard pack and used them to make watercolour studies of the mini orifice pieces I made in clay a few weeks ago. A good way to practice my watercolour skills. It was fun and soothing because the gremlins slept through the whole hour. I got a bit stuck with regards to colour – as always with me – but am happy with the outcomes so far! I may consider texture and pattern with the next ones.

After my hour I had 50mins left to prep for my day. I got everything done and even managed to squeeze in 15mins of calisthenics! 😀

I mentioned to a friend that I would still do an hour of creativity on the days I do my teaching. She was shocked that I would wake so early for that purpose. I thought about this and came to realise it’s most important for me on the days I am in an employee role. I am an artist first and foremost even if I choose to do this day job. After nearly 2 decades of pushing my creativity far down my list of priorities and responsibilities, I made a huge change to transform that. This exercise is enabling me to see that my creativity can stay a priority, even when time is limited.

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