Creative Mornings Day 6

Sunday 4th, 3 hours work.

Spent first hour completing pencil sketch portrait. Here’s what I learned from doing this drawing:

  • keeping going kills the gremlins.
  • paper texture is REALLY important when working with pencil.
  • I need decent erasers!
  • Its ok to decide a piece is complete even though it’s unfinished.

Next 2 hours I returned to a portrait painting I began about 4 months ago. I’m not used to painting on this scale, nor with brushes. I’m persevering to complete this painting though as I know I am learning a lot through the process. Painting is something that cannot be hurried!


In todays 3 hour session I paused to make some sketches and notes for another big project idea. Even though the work I’m making during these creative mornings are not part of the bigger project ideas I have, working in this way is oiling the wheels and revving up the engine. I’m seeing it like the daily work outs and training sessions, preparing me for the big marathons. Those I will begin when I have my work room set up by mid October. Until then, I will continue with these small projects. I feel much more confident about my abilities as a whole after just 1 week of doing this Creative Mornings exercise!


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