Creative mornings Day 7

Monday 5th 2 hours

IMG_4571Today was a struggle to get started. I had ideas but couldn’t decide which medium to use. Began with charcoal then used watercolour as I was looking at figures painted in watercolour the night before. Working from just my imagination (so excuse the weird proportions!) I wanted to capture bodies experiencing the pleasure of just being. 5mins into the watercolour painting, I remembered about the need to stretch the paper beforehand. Lol!😂  I also need a smaller easel where i can lay the board more flat. This standing easel was fine for these small studies but it was still a challenge stopping the watery paint from drooling down the page! The water-like backgrounds came as an afterthought. As I painted, I began thinking of the pleasure I get swimming clothes-free in the sea. The sensation of the water flowing over my skin and how alive my body feels. These are just preliminary sketches for ideas, to develop further. I will need a place where i can go study some sea creatures. Is there something like the London Aquarium in The Netherlands?

Gremlins were on my shoulder the whole 2 hours. I ignored them chattering in my ear, but didn’t allow them to influence me. It slowed me down somewhat, but I did not give up. Thats the key I realise. Keep doing the thing! 😉

Went to art shop this afternoon and bought decent erasers and white gel pens for highlighting drawings. Taking a couple days break before I do day 8. Watch this space!

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