Creative Mornings day 8


Saturday 10th, 1.5hrs

After taking a couple mornings break then recovering from a bout of anxiety and sleeplessness, I’m back on the creative horse. Tackled the hand in the acrylic portrait of my son. I learned a major lesson with this, my very first painted portrait: rub out the grid lines BEFORE you begin to paint!😱😂

Bottom left image is how it looked after trying to rub some lines away with a firm vinyl eraser.

Top left I applied highlighting pens to cover the remaining pencil marks.

Top right I began painting in the form and tones of the hand, doing my best to conceal the white pen marks. Applying the acrylic paint more thickly would have worked, but this paint is already very thin quality.

Bottom right image I tightened up the lightest edge of the fingers – where I painted in the background very recklessly – and covered the affected parts with the Pilot pen. Despite having a thin EF point, after a good shake the white ink flowed out very fast, enabling me to cover a big area.

Not bad for patching up a beginners mistake😊🙌🏾

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