Creative Mornings Day 9

image Friday 16th 30 mins

Bouncing back to my Creative Mornings. Well, more like crawling. The past few days, my routines have been disrupted by final clearing of my apartment ready for builders then packing a suitcase out of which I will live for the next 2-3 weeks. I’m not used to this. Holidays and short trips are fine, but it’s a challenge making a temporary base in the homes of others I don’t know very well, who have offered to put me up out of sheer generosity and their beautiful hearts. My faith is enabling me to win through my doubts and insecurities about all this. My anxiety and stress levels are being tested yet I know I’m growing in new ways and creating new experiences for myself and those I meet – hopefully good experiences!
This morning I managed to prize my fingers away from my phone and pull out my lovely fountain pen during my commute into Amsterdam. Even if it’s just a 30min train ride, thats time enough to make it a Creative Morning😍

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