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  • Playhouse Arts Residency, Tasarte. Week 2/5

    Playhouse Arts Residency, Tasarte. Week 2/5

    During week 2 we had visits from other creatives, who also happen to be our off-spring and friends! My youngest daughter Buki who is a musician and art gallery apprentice, my niece Ayo who is a music journalist and travel blogger, with one of her close friends Fay who is a textile designer accompanied with her 2yr old […]

  • Listening Hearts

    This blog entry is to introduce a new page I am starting where I will be sharing my experiences of working with empathy and non-violent communication (geweldloze communicatie in Dutch/Nederlands) – also known as compassionate communication and also giraffe language. I am very passionate about the role language and communication plays in harming or healing our hearts. […]

  • Orange doesn’t suit me at all…

    My first KingsDay experience. Firstly, I didnt dive into the celebrations because: 1. I hate crowds. 2. I’m anti monarchy. I decided to catch up on netflix programmes and hide away in my attic. Given its my first experience of Kings day (last year I was abroad), I wanted to see some of what went on […]

  • People getting together, apart…..

    That was the phrase that came to my mind as I wandered on my bicycle today past houses and flats, enjoying my Solo Christmas Day. Some people tend to talk about Christmas as a time for getting together with friends and family, reaching out to loved ones with messages, gifts, good cheer and plenty of […]