I was born, raised and lived up until 2014 in the huge metropolis that is London, UK. For most of my life, I eschewed the ‘countryside’ as city life was all I knew and really cared about. I always enjoyed seaside visits and dreamed of living by the sea, but cityscapes, mazes of streets, little oases of greenery and the glow of light pollution over the night sky was how I spent most of my life experiencing nature – apart from the odd holiday to more rural parts of the world. It took moving away from London, ending up in my now coastal home (2mins walk to the beach – some dreams DO come true!) for me to have my eyes and heart opened to nature in all her power and beautiful dynamic forms.

A self made art residential trip to Gran Canaria in early 2017 enabled me to fully embrace a relationship between my creativity and the natural environment. I will be filling this page with photographs I take over time, of different aspects of nature that have moved me, as well as my tentative attempts at making some environmental art.

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