Sharing here my current (early 2015) attempts to overcome my resistance and obstacles to drawing portraits. A fuller writing about how this began can be seen in my blog entry Perfect In Our Imperfections.

I will post below, my sketches and paintings as they are created. I am particularly interested in interpreting peoples ‘selfies’ – I am fascinated by the genre of photography and how people use the photographs to reveal an aspect of their identity/personality. The subject has complete control and yet it can also be random, spontaneous photography with the control coming in the editing process.

I am excited by the images that captivate me. I began this in the early months of moving abroad. Missing my friends was soothed by keeping in touch via social media. Facebook and Instagram are fertile ground for selfie images and so i found myself drawn to friends through the images they shared and the stories behind them.

I use my sketching of the to explore what captivates me about the image.

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