Confronting my conflict with colour......and diving in!

I learned today that my fear around applying colour to my 3D work, lies in a deep fear that i do not know enough about colour theory and am unable to talk about it in an artistic manner. For me the creation and application of colours is instinctive. I need to ‘feel’ my way through the palette. i have a very small initial idea. I then need to just start, being a journey that invariably ends up in a place i could never have planned at the outset! Thats what happened today and it was wonderful 🙂 I finally broke a ‘spell’ and feel much more confident about completing my ceramic sculptures that have been sat in a bisque state for over a year.


I had an idea knocking around in my head for forming shapes using pin tucks. Pin tucks is a form of stitching small channels of fabric that was common to create a smocking effect, or decorate the front of a shirt. here i used it to create a ‘pucker’ effect of lips. I used darker threads as its just a mock-up pier, but i like the contrasting effect. leo the loose threads. Sometimes

I travelled to the sculpture studio via Imperial Wharf today and so I popped into the Roca Gallery. Very timely as its just a few days before the RCA Glass and Ceramic students show finishes. Here are pictures of the pieces i was drawn to. I am loving the lacquer on stoneware work of Enrique Perezalba Red. In particular the piece titled ‘Nectar’. Here are some collaged images of the work I liked and interior of the gallery:

Nectar by Enrique Perezalba Red.

… my motto from this week onwards! i decided to make the most of a rare occurance of covering lessons for an absent art teacher this week, and do some sketching myself. You are never too talented, experienced nor too old to do some more practice of the basic skills! Sketching a photocopy of shiny objects was a good challenge.

I felt so priviledged to be given the opportunity to return to Park Walk studio for a few days to do some work. I dived into a bag of clay and worked on a figure basd on some rough sketches I made a month ago (two top images in this photo).

After day 1, i realised that i needed to return to the source and reference back to the female form. I was returning to the studio the following day so had no time to find a model. I decided instead to use myself! Armed with tripod, digital camera and remote i managed to get enough shots to help me with proportion and structure of the form. I still included some distortion and exaggeration from my original sketches to get the feeling of tension and restraint i wanted to convey.
Im quite pleased with the progress i made over the two days this week.


I finally made a start with my dolls idea, working my way through forming the shapes on a small scale to start. At this stage, my first ‘being’ is a bit legless!

Autumn - appreciating beauty in decay

I enjoy this time of year, observing Nature’s transformation. Dying down, decay is part of the cycle of life. Images taken at Taplow Court, Berkshire.

Breast Shirt - cotton poplin, kapok stuffing

Materials: cotton poplin, kapok stuffing
Size: 12 dress size
Breast shirt addresses the issue of female gender identity and equality in the workplace: opportunity, pay and sexual politics, how women manage multiple roles. How do we choose to respond to that in our appearance – how we present & modify our bodies and how we cover it? This piece invites the viewer to consider the challenges and complexities women navigate in a dialogue with their bodies and expectations of society.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 10.07.59

Dressmaker's Dummy - calico, kapok stuffing, polystyrene.
Materials: calico, kapok stuffing, polystyrene.

Dressmaker’s dummy addresses the preoccupation women have with our body size and shape, conforming to social norms through standardised dress sizes. We readily slip into acceptance of these standards then we question and modify our own bodies (with ‘shape-wear’, diets etc.) when we find it doesn’t conform to current ever-changing fashion trends.

Mid- year show invitation Feb 2013

Invite for my first public show since the early 1980s.

“My work for this exhibition has evolved from a series of drawings and paintings of the female torso. This led me to explore women’s relationships with our own body and how this is affected by personal and public critique. My aim is to provoke thought and question issues related to identity, gender and sexuality – interwoven with my own curiosity, ideas and experiences.”